“Ranliya - Super Lady” Women’s Savings Scheme

“Ranliya – Super Lady” Women’s Savings Scheme was introduced by the Sri Lanka    Co-operative Rural Banks Federation Limited

The first account of the “Ranliya – Super Lady” Women’s Savings Scheme was presented to First Lady Mrs. Shiranthi Wickramasinghe Rajapaksha at the 01st of October 2010.

The vision of the scheme is to increase women’s contribution in the economic development through increased savings. Exclusively, it would be help to understand the needs of today’s women who play multiple roles in life. Also, strengthening the women economically is another purpose of the programme.

The first special draw has also been introduced in the “Ranliya – Super Lady” Women’s Savings Scheme at the 31st of October 2011.

Specially, the above savings account scheme was co-ordinate by the District and Provincial wise Co-operative Rural Bank Unions

Also, we were collected our deposits of the “Ranliya – Super Lady” women’s savings scheme that was reported over the 464 million of deposits quantity at the first step.

For Whom :-

Any lady not less than 16 years is eligible to open an account.

Benefits :-

01.       The account can be opened a deposit of Rs. 100/=

02.       When the account balance exceeds Rs. 1,000/= an entitlement coupon for a gift will be   allocated by the bank branch under the name of account holder/holders.

03.       We will have to plan to award the Ladies Motor Cycle (Scooty Pep) and Gold Pendants.


 Rural Bank Branch and MPCS Wise  Gold Pendants
 District Wise  Singer Sewing-Machine
 National Wise  Bajaj Trishaws/ Ladies Bikes (Scooty – Pep)
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